Alexey Nikitin   Ultrasens-Healer   Moscow, Russia


Alexey Nikitin has been developping the UTLRASEN AS-HEALING-TECHNIQUE in order to test and prove his perception in relation to his clients and patients. With his Röntgenblick he can find weakening processes and their roots in in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. During the Ultrasens-Healing-Session he compares body of the client with its ideal healthy body picture and scanns step by step all systems and organs. With his inner databank he can identify the negative elements which create the illnesses. Alexey Nikitin checks all levels of healing-possibilities and finally makes some suggestions to regain the health. If necessary he sends the clients to their doctors for tests or medications.

Alexey Nikitin was born in Moscow, Russia and lives their with his family. Since childhood he is sensitive and mediumistic. He studied at the Technical University and is an dipl.Ingenieur. He worked and made researches at the Biological Laboratories and the Institit for Transplantation and artifical Organs. He is Co-Founder of the Parapsychological Institut in Moscow. Alexey Nikitin is an international wellknown Healer and Teacher and working since 1992 in Freiraum-Zentrum-Praxis.


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Scanning of the Aura and all the Systems, activation of the imunsystems, releasing energetic blockages, recommendations for healing and keeping a good health level, programising water for further healing.



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Alexey Nikitin      超感疗愈师      莫斯科,俄罗斯

Alexey Nikitin一直致力于发展超感疗愈技术,用于测试和证实他对户和病人的感知力。通过他的X光扫描能力他能发现人的身体,情绪,精神,以及灵性层面的衰退进程。 在超感疗愈个案治疗中,他把案主的身体状况与理想的健康身体图相对照,一步步扫描整个身体系统和所有器官。通过内在数据库,他能识别造成疾病的消极因素。Alexey Nikitin会检测所有层面的治疗可能性并且最终给到重拾健康的建议。在必要的情况下,他会送病人去他机构的医生那里做进一步检查和药物治疗。

Alexey Nikitin 出生于俄罗斯的莫斯科,全家一直生活在那里。Alexey自孩提时代起就异常敏感和天赋灵性。之后就读于科技大学并获得工程师文凭。毕业后就职于人造器官和移植研究院的生物实验室,并致力于科研。同时是莫斯科玄学心理学协会的共同创立者之一。Alexey Nikitin是国际知名的疗愈师和老师,自1992年起在Freiraum-Zentrum-Praxis 机构工作至今。


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通过对身体的灵性扫描,激活自身免疫系统,释放堵塞的能量,给到案主身体疗愈的建议使其保持良好的健康水平, 给予能量水进一步顺势治疗。